Coding (STEM) for Kids in Peoria, IL


Blast Into Bigger Fun With Coding for Kids in Peoria, IL

Looking for one of the hottest after school programs in the Peoria, IL area? You’ve got it with Coding for Kids, for elementary and middle-schoolers that teach computer programming skills through interactive and exciting projects. These fun classes are perfect for kids who have great imaginations, like figuring out how things work or simply love technology.

In Coding for Kids, your son or daughter will have a blast creating video games and animated stories and bringing their imaginations to life. You don’t even have to mention all the cool skills he or she is learning along the way: basic coding and programming, problem solving, logic, physics and more. (We’ll never tell!)

At Sylvan Learning of Peoria, we offer several Coding for Kids courses for your aspiring programmer, and your child doesn’t need any previous programming experience to start!. It’s a great way to get kids psyched about learning cool STEM skills.

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